Integrate your finance system into Salesforce® with Breadwinner.

Breadwinner is a two-way integration software between your finance system and Salesforce. It allows seamless consolidation of data from programs such as Xero and NetSuite into your Salesforce platform.

With easy installation, it immediately facilitates more accurate and efficient financing within the Salesforce platform to allow your business to gain a competitive edge.

  • Create and track invoices
  • Sync and pre-fill invoice data
  • Process supplier invoices
  • See client data in real-time
  • Access financial data securely within Salesforce

Features and benefits

Efficient Invoicing

Create and send invoices and track their status (paid, due, overdue) within Salesforce.

Improve Data Accuracy

Reduce human error through pre-fill data and elimination of double data entry.

Increase Accessibility

Easily view invoices and client data, while managing employee permissions on documents.

Work in Real-Time

Automatically sync data between systems to keep all your teams updated.

Integrate these finance softwares with your Salesforce platform using Breadwinner:

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