Buying a home is a big deal – arguably one of the biggest investments we make in our lives – so investors want to make the best decision as to who guides them through it. And we know you want to be their first choice.

Each customer has a “dream experience” in mind for buying a home or investment property, whether it’s their first time or their ninth. That’s why they seek someone reliable, who will listen to their needs and invest time and effort into them throughout this major decision.

Salesforce can help you manage the entire home sales cycle in one platform. From lead generation through to post-investment, your investors are getting the best customer experience with their dream home.

So, how exactly can Salesforce help your property business?

Converting more sales

As your business grows, so does your stock, customer base and list of prospects. This can become a lot to manage manually and a headache to navigate when trying to find reliable data to make your sales.

As a customer success platform, where Salesforce shines is in bringing together the right data to progress and make a sale. With the help of Salesforce, all your stock details, customers and contacts, contracts of sales and payments are consolidated in one platform. This allows your sales people and agents to easily manage and locate data needed to work on closing a sale. You will know at a glance what is available and most suited to your customers’ needs in price, size and location, determine availability of construction capacity to build a dream home, and identify completed and outstanding payments.

Staying on top of changing project details

When working on multiple projects at once, customer requests and other important details can often get lost or misinterpreted. Trying to manage communications and documentation between you, your customers, solicitors, conveyancers and the banks can be a difficult task!

Salesforce allows you to immediately log new information or updates related to customer needs during development. We know that your clients’ desires constantly change and can be difficult to track. Salesforce facilitates efficient communication and helps to avoid misunderstandings. Your customers will be able to trust that you are on top of their project and giving them the attention they deserve. Gone are the days of painting walls the wrong colour!

How Salesforce can maximise your customer's dream homebuying experience

Keeping customers in the loop

A key aspect of the customer experience is involvement in the process and being able to track progress. They want to feel confident that you are sharing everything with them and are cooperating to meet their project goals.

Through the consolidation and communication facilitated by Salesforce, you will be able to develop and maintain trust with your customers, providing accurate and consistent updates when needed. You will be able to quickly and easily answer questions such as:

  • What is the status of the project?
  • Are goals being met on time?
  • Have there been any problems?
  • What do we need to change or reconsider?

All you need to do is jump onto Salesforce to locate the relevant progress report or photo to provide the response that you need.

Celebrating the big moments

We know that big milestones call for big celebrations. But project commencements, completions and anniversaries for every customer can be hard to keep track of when your business is growing, and you have multiple projects running at once.

Salesforce will help you make sure that these dates aren’t forgotten or overlooked. It’s the little things that reassure your clients they made the right choice trusting you to deliver their ideal homebuyers’ experience.

Does Salesforce sound like the match for you? We can help…

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