Salesforce Consulting.

We help you make sense of your Salesforce options and create an environment that’s fit for your business.

Regardless of where you are in your Salesforce journey – whether you’re just starting out or taking it to the next stage – we believe we are the right consultant for you.

Businesses which are achieving amazing things with Salesforce technology will tell you: the technology itself is certainly part of it. But the other part comes down to people.  It’s your business leaders, your middle managers, your support staff, your IT department, your marketers and sales reps. Potentially it’s everyone.

If you’re looking for a transformation in your business of how things get done – make no mistake, getting the technology right is important. But what’s more important to achieving real and lasting change is getting your people aligned behind the technology.

That takes a special skill set.  At Carnac Group, we work with all sorts of clients to get this right.

For us, it’s not just implementing Salesforce technology in your business. It’s about helping you achieve the cultural change you’re looking for.

What we do

Salesforce Strategy


Help you refine your vision, explore possibilities and organise priorities for what your successful Salesforce project looks like.

Salesforce Implementation


Translating your Salesforce blueprint into reality. Rollout via end-to-end implementation, including configuration, user training, user adoption and transitioning to BAU.

Salesforce Support

Continuous Improvement & Support

Ongoing support for your incremental changes, mini projects and add-on applications for your Salesforce platform.

Salesforce Health Checks

Health Checks

Assess data quality, user-adoption and value derived from your current Salesforce platform to spot missed opportunities and prioritise areas for improvement.

Salesforce Data Integration

Data Integration

Extract more value from your Salesforce technology by integrating disparate data sources. Let your people focus on your business and customers instead of chasing paper trails.

Whole of Business Approach

Whole-of-Business Approach

Getting the technology to work is only part of the picture. We work with you to ensure all elements of your Salesforce project drive together – your people and processes included.

More time with customers, less time on the tools. We advise on various Salesforce cloud products to help you reinforce the right behaviours in your business.

Sales Effectiveness

Improving your sales and business development processes: new leads, pipeline management, quotes, proposals and more.

Service Excellence

Helping you to keep your customers happy with reliable, responsive ways to take care of their requests.

Marketing Execution

Manage all communications and content campaigns to your customers across all platforms: email, mobile, social and online.

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Case studies

See how we have worked with other clients to implement Salesforce.

Arrowquip: How Salesforce Powers Growth from the Farm to the World

Australian manufacturer Arrowquip are using Salesforce to revolutionise the global livestock industry.

Geocon: Empowering channel partners with Salesforce Experience Cloud

Discover how ACT developer Geocon uses Salesforce Experience Cloud as a portal to help their Channel Sales Agents sell more properties.

Adeva Security: Bringing trust to the heart of customer experience

Adeva Security are using Salesforce products to bring trust to the heart of their customer experience.

Campari Australia: improving sales effectiveness with Salesforce

How does Campari Australia get their 50+ premium products stocked on the shelves across countless outlets all over the country?  They do it with Salesforce.

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