Visit any Australian bar, restaurant or bottle shop and you can expect to see products owned by Campari Group.  With a family of instantly recognisable beverages, their market penetration is impressive.  So how does Campari Australia get their 50+ premium products stocked on the shelves across countless outlets all over the country?  They do it with Salesforce. 

The brief

Campari Australia’s objective is to dominate their product categories and increase sales in outlets across Australia.  Campari Australia already had Salesforce in place.  But their Salesforce instance wasn’t yet optimised to help them reach their full potential. 

First of all, Campari were frustrated by a lack of trust and transparency in the data.  As a result, their ability to make sales, stock their products and manage their business was more difficult than it needed to be. They knew one thing for sure, they needed to be more effective with their field sales and in getting more of their product in the face of their consumers.  

So they approached Carnac Group to explore their options. 


Continuous improvement of Campari Australia’s Salesforce instance

Key requirements
  • Conduct an initial “health check” of the existing Salesforce instance and provide recommendations for its improvement
  • Address integration issues with the existing data warehouse
  • Improve the reporting capability for group sales
  • Establish and track consistent sales processes and KPIs
  • Mobile access to data for sales representatives
  • Upgrade to Salesforce Lightning

Campari Salesforce case study image 2

Our approach

As the newly engaged Salesforce consultant, we first conducted a “health check” of Campari Australia’s Salesforce instance. 

We quickly discovered integration issues between Salesforce and Campari Australia’s data warehouse. This explained the frustrating data discrepancies.  So, we got to work on fixing the integration issues and rebuilding the trust in the data. 

Once we had proven the data was reliable, Campari Australia was able to put the data to good use.  We helped them establish consistent call planning, objective management and KPIs across the sales team. Lastly, since much of Campari’s sales execution happens out in the field, having an ability to access live customer data quickly and reliably while on-the-go was critical.  

Why Carnac?

“What we get with Carnac Group is a fantastic balance between technical and business inquiry.  This translates for us into technology which doesn’t just work, but enables our whole business to perform at a higher level. As IT Director, that’s exactly what I look for in our consultants.”

Tim Reid, IT Director, Campari Australia.

The Result

In a short space of time, we’ve transformed Campari Australia’s perception of what’s possible with Salesforce and helped them get real results. Everyone across the business has a greater level of trust in the data. This allows them to make decisions with confidence and better manage their client accounts. Sales personnel are now able to access relevant insights while on the road, helping them to increase their efficiency and effectiveness while engaging with clients. The transparency around sales KPIs, call planning and objective management helps them to maintain momentum and take the guess work out of their sales efforts. 

Most valuable for Campari Australia

“We are really impressed by the commitment we’ve seen in helping us get the right outcomes.  Our Carnac Group consultant completely embeds himself in our business, working through our challenges as if they were his own.  He’s absolutely over-delivered on our expectations.”

Steve Hill, National Business Manager, Campari Australia

Gruppo Campari is a major player in the global branded beverage industry, with a portfolio of over 50 premium and super premium brands marketed and distributed in over 190 countries worldwide.