As McHugh continued to scale as a business, they realised they needed a solution to help fix the issue of having disconnected and siloed data on their customers, products, and jobs.  

The Brief

McHugh’s previous process of tracking sales and job execution was primarily done in a spreadsheet, with quotes being generated in separate software. This ultimately, would not suffice if they wanted to grow, have a more holistic view of their customers and automate manual processes.

Their key requirements were to:

  • Streamline processes and manual workloads.
  • Have visibility across all of their sectors.
  • Digitise and automate quoting.
  • Integrate invoicing and receipting.
  • Schedule all jobs from Salesforce.
  • Gain valuable reporting and insights.
  • Make sure the solution is easy to use – from management to staff in the warehouse.

In a snapshot:

Salesforce Sales Cloud and a custom developed app which has the ability to scan barcodes for screw usage and wastage.

Salesforce Products 

  • Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Mobile App
  • Marketing Cloud Account Engagement


  • Calendar Anything
  • PDF Butler
  • Form Butler


  • 3 Months
McHugh Quote

Our Approach 

After McHugh Steel chose Salesforce as the platform to help scale their business, Carnac focused on an implementation that would help them grow and cut costs by making more informed and data-driven business decisions. 

This included:  

  • a custom developed Sales Cloud for McHugh to not only manage existing deliveries, but to also open the opportunity for business expansion; 
  • allowing them to save on costs and become more efficient with scheduling;
  • quoting and pipeline management to report on expected revenue and conversions;
  • customer visibility over invoicing, opened quotes and previous jobs and orders;
  • automating progress invoicing and receipting inside Salesforce;
  • creating a custom barcode scanning application to help McHugh track screw counts for each day, which includes the usage and wastage with a vision to expand into stock management.


The Results

McHugh Steel now have insight into who their customer is from the get-go, including their purchase history and where their jobs are up to. They can also schedule all jobs natively in Salesforce, followed by automating quoting, invoicing, and receipting.  Other results include: 

  • Their delivery scheduling has been improved through the calendar and approval functions, which is transparent for all related documents when something is changed on a job.   
  • They can report on valuable information and draw actionable insights to make more informed business decisions. This includes reporting on a custom-made mobile app scanner, which allows them to track screw usage and wastage, by day and team.
  • Their weekly meetings are 30% quicker than they used to be, due to the reporting customisation and scheduling functions. Not only that, but all data within the different divisions is now in one place, which helps with material forecasting and recruitment needs for specific jobs.   

Carnac group took the time to actually understand our business, learn the ins and outs alongside us with our processes to make sure that it was designed the way that we needed it to be. . 

– Emma McHugh-Pressler, McHugh Steel 

McHugh Steel is a proudly Australian, family owned and operated steel manufacturer from Bundaberg, Queensland servicing southern and central Queensland and scoping a radius of 800 kilometres. Their divisions under the McHugh Steel banner are steel frames, sheds supply and fit, role forming, roofing, install as well as supply only.  McHugh have a strong focus on flexibility in their designs while also offering outstanding customer service. As they continue to scale as a business, they realised that they needed a solution that would help fix the issue of having disconnected and siloed data on their customers, products, and jobs.