Arrowquip, a name synonymous with innovative cattle and sheep handling equipment, has a profound understanding of the connection between farmers and their livestock. What began as a humble idea in regional Australia, the company’s journey has evolved into a global success story. Today, Arrowquip’s specialised products are now distributed worldwide through a network of over 200 dealers spanning four continents.

This success stems from Arrowquip’s unwavering dedication to simplifying and enhancing livestock handling. Their cutting-edge products have not only made handling livestock easier, but also faster and safer for both animals and their handlers. In the pursuit of their next stage of growth, Arrowquip has harnessed the power of Salesforce to streamline operations, personalise customer experiences, and cultivate enduring relationships with businesses and livestock handlers around the globe.

The Brief

Once a family project on a farm in north-western New South Wales, Arrowquip is now taking the livestock industry by storm. Their global distributor network, comprising over 200 dealers worldwide, ensures that livestock producers across North AMerica, South America, Europe and Australia rely on Arrowquip equipment in their daily farm operations. To support this global footprint, their Tamworth factory has expanded its workforce from 30 to 125 employees over the last five years.

So how does a regional Australian manufacturer quietly establish a global influence in the livestock industry? Arrowquip’s success can be attributed to its unwavering commitment to the well-being of both animal producers and the livestock under their care. Every piece of equipment is meticulously designed to make managing livestock faster, easier and safer for all.

Arrowquip’s growth story is just beginning, and as they embarked on the next phase of expansion, establishing robust technology infrastructure became a top priority. They recognised the need for a comprehensive system that would enable a seamless and personalised customer experience throughout every stage of the customer journey. Whether you’re a rancher in Rockhampton, a grazier in the Lakes District or a dealer in Colorado, the Arrowquip experience is tailored for efficiency and personalisation.

With a reputation for being the source of truth for customer engagement, Arrowquip chose Salesforce as their preferred solution.

The decision to implement Salesforce was driven by several key factors. They aimed to streamline their processes from Sales and Ordering, right through to Production, Scheduling and the Delivery of their product. Furthermore, they sought valuable insights to inform their decision-making by obtaining a holistic view of their day-to-day operations.

Arrowquip wanted to:

In a snapshot:

Sales and Marketing solution for an international livestock equipment handling company.

Salesforce Products 

  • Sales Cloud
  • CPQ
  • Marketing Cloud Account Engagement


  • PDF Butler


  • 4 Months

Key Requirements

  • Streamline processes and manual workload from quote to order to scheduled jobs
  • Ability to digitise and automate quoting to both customers and dealers
  • Oversee and schedule jobs for individual team members
  • Implement quote and order approval processes
  • Gain customer insights from marketing efforts and ROI on Campaigns
  • Valuable reporting and insights to make informed business decisions.
  • Ease of use from management to warehouse

Our Approach 

As Arrowquip’s Salesforce implementation partner, Carnac had the responsibility of delivering a comprehensive solution that streamlined Arrowquip’s entire customer journey, all while maintaining the same level of care and responsibility their customers had come to expect. To achieve this seamless coordination and automation across all stages, the chosen products were Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce CPQ, Marketing Cloud Account Engagement and ISV PDF Butler.

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud gives Arrowquip a single source of truth, enabling effective management and tracking of customer interactions, which includes communication history, customer preferences and purchase history. Sales Cloud has also been configured to encompass their entire business process within one CRM, covering ordering, production, scheduling and manufacturing. Quality control measures have been added at each step, instilling confidence in farmers and dealers that they are getting the highest-quality product and service.
  • Salesforce CPQ allows Arrowquip to precisely configure quotes for their livestock handling equipment. They can define pricing rules and product rules, such as product bundling. They can also automatically generate contractual agreements, ensuring consistent and accurate pricing for both farmers and dealers. CPQ streamlines and automates the process of generating quotes and proposals, eliminating manual data entry and reducing the time required for document generation.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement empowers Arrowquip with the tools to engage and nurture their new and existing customers. From lead generation and segmentation to automated email campaigns and customer journeys, Arrowquip remains front-of-mind when it comes to farming products.  Account Engagement serves as the foundation for a Referral Program, featuring an always-on campaign, auto generated Referral IDs, landing pages, forms, and emails, ensuring that customers receive a benefit when putting their name forward.

Arrowquip also benefit from:

  • Automating customer documentation into PDFs with ISV solution PDF Butler.

The Results

Salesforce has acted as the catalyst for transforming the way Arrowquip approach customer engagement. Through streamlined operations and enhanced communication, they now offer better support to their farmers and dealers. This project delivers seamless coordination and automation across all stages, eliminating the need for manual hand-offs and significantly reducing the risk of errors or delays. 

Arrowquip’s production planning and scheduling have transitioned from spreadsheets to Sales Cloud, offering full transparency and fostering collaboration across teams. Their Production Manager now has a comprehensive calendar view of all equipment slated for production, empowering the team to efficiently schedule and allocate resources, ensuring optimal utilisation and timely task completion. With the entire production schedule visualised, Arrowquip has gained enhanced visibility into their manufacturing operations, enabling proactive decision-making and minimising production bottlenecks. 

This solution has transcended its initial purpose of serving the sales team’s needs, evolving into a robust product scheduling and manufacturing tool. It has created a central platform that promotes seamless collaboration across teams involved in sales, marketing, product scheduling and manufacturing. This expansion has provided a holistic view of the production pipeline, improved interdepartmental communication, and facilitated cross-functional alignment. 

Since 1988, Arrowquip has made livestock management easier, faster and safer with industry leading innovation and technologically advanced designs. From cattle crushes to custom stockyard designs for operations of any size, Arrowquip‘s livestock producer experience and knowledge of livestock behaviour help to develop a more efficient and productive operation for their customers.