Adeva Security is a trusted name for leading brands and households across Australia and New Zealand for safeguarding their premises and data with state-of-the-art security systems. With trust and reliability at the core of their business, Adeva understands the importance of providing a customer experience that puts customers at ease. 

Adeva wants their customers to feel valued, reassured and informed at every touchpoint with their business. From sales, through to installation and services, anything less than dependable would be at complete odds with their value proposition. While manageable for a small business, this commitment became increasingly challenging as Adeva continued to grow. They needed a technology platform that would allow them to scale, while allowing them to keep delivering a customer experience that lived up to their brand.  

The Brief

Adeva Security wanted a platform that would empower their people to deliver a dependable customer experience across sales, installation and services without requiring additional headcount. 

In sales, they wanted to give their reps a better way to manage leads and opportunities, and introduce automations to help them be more efficient and accountable to sign new business. 

In service, they wanted to improve communication channels, as well as introduce a way for customers to do more self-serving. For example, they wanted customers to be able to create and manage service appointments, backed up with automations. They also wanted to be able to track and manage commercial Service Level Agreement (SLA) requirements, including insurance, systems maintenance, systems testing, call out response times and having an ability to measure and report on SLA KPIs.   

Adeva wanted a solution that would help them keep growing their footprint in the residential and commercial property markets in a sustainable way.  

Adeva Security wanted:

Key Requirements

Establishment of a technology platform to help Adeva Securities deliver a consistent, reliable and trustworthy experience at every stage of the customer journey.

In a snapshot:

Salesforce Customer 360 implementation for 75 users.

Salesforce Products 

  • Sales Cloud
  • Experience Cloud
  • Field Service Lightning
  • Service Cloud  


  • TwixRiva
  • SMS Magic
  • PDF Butler Sign
  • PDF Butler


  • 7 Months

Our Approach 

Salesforce Customer 360 was the perfect solution for Adeva Security. Salesforce Customer 360 brings a business and its customers together by harnessing the full breadth of Salesforce technology together on one integrated CRM platform. Salesforce Customer 360 means a business like Adeva can nurture customers using one platform across all customer and employee touchpoints, from marketing, through to sales and service.  

In Adeva’s case, we recommended a Salesforce Customer 360 solution including: 

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud to help Adeva’s sales reps manage all leads and opportunities, and nurture them through to signature. 
  • Salesforce Experience Cloud to introduce a new customer portal, empowering customers to create and manage appointments and access other relevant information for their security solutions. 
  • Salesforce Service Cloud would give Adeva Security an ability to manage customer service cases in a central, shared location. 
  • Salesforce Field Service would allow Adeva Security to create efficiency and transparency between customers, the service team at Adeva and the technicians in the field installing and servicing security systems. 

Tapping into the wider ecosystem of apps via Salesforce AppExchange, Adeva Security would also benefit from: 

  • Integrating their accounting platform Xero into Salesforce with TwixRiva 
  • Pushing SMS updates to customers and field service technicians from Salesforce using SMS Magic 
  • Automating contract signature with Butler Sign 
  • Automating customer documentation into PDFs with PDF Butler.  

The Results

By establishing this Salesforce Customer 360 solution for Adeva, all parts of their business now have one shared platform to manage every interaction with their customer from first enquiry through installation and services.  

Customers are empowered to manage their own service needs (eg setting up and modifying appointments) via their custom portal powered by Experience Cloud and staying up-to-date via automated SMS for appointment reminders or letting them know a technician is on the way.  

Internally, the team are much better coordinated around customers now they have one source of truth for all interactions, including historical appointments, current job status and invoice payments. They can create work orders and efficiently dispatch installers in a timely manner.  

Once a service job is complete, a field services technician can raise a purchase order and send for digital signature using PDF Butler and Butler Sign from their mobile-friendly Salesforce app.  

Back at the office, Adeva are now in a much stronger position to make informed business decisions, thanks to the reporting capabilities drawing on valuable data and analytics. This has already allowed them to maximise utilisation of their field team by improving routing and cutting down the time spent driving between jobs.  

Furthermore, thanks to the prompt responses from their Service team both on the road and in the offices, Adeva are consistently achieving higher customer satisfaction.

What difference has it made? 

“Overall, we love having Salesforce for its adaptability. As our business evolves, it is so beneficial to be able to modify our build to provide live reports and processes, and generate value for both our people internally, and our customers. We have found that improving process flows in our business has drastically increased the happiness of our staff. If we have team members questioning a process, we can review it and refine it rather than just live with the limitations of an ‘off the shelf’ product.”
– Evan Comb

With six offices across Australia and New Zealand, Adeva Security is a trusted and well-known provider of security services to large enterprises, small businesses and individual homeowners across the ANZ region. With a talented team of technicians and designers, Adeva is constantly striving to stay at the forefront of the security industry, ensuring customers have access to the most advanced technology and solutions available.