Carnac Group is excited to announce that we are now certified with Heroku!

Heroku is Platform as a Service (PaaS) that allows businesses to build, deploy, manage and scale their own applications entirely in the cloud. It is the easiest way to bring your app concepts to life and deliver them to your clients. Eliminating the need for specialised software and servers, Heroku lets companies create quality apps quickly and effectively, without the complexities. Heroku supports various coding languages to let your developers work to the best of their ability and skill set.

What’s more, the Heroku Connect add-on allows you to automatically sync data both ways between Heroku and your Salesforce platform. Integrating important user data with your Salesforce platform brings ease to monitoring the app. Comparing information from both systems allows businesses to make better-informed decisions to enhance the customer experience of both applications, and products and services.

Now certified with Heroku, Carnac Group can implement this solution to complement our clients’ Salesforce platforms. Heroku Connect consolidates your user-facing applications with back-end administration through automated data synchronisation and the combined capabilities of both Heroku and Salesforce into one single platform. The simple point and click configuration of the add-on makes it easily accessible for both developers and Salesforce business users, without the complexity of traditional app development software.

Did you know?

Heroku is yet another certification to add to our growing portfolio, alongside certifications in:

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Community Cloud
  • Field Service
  • Platform Developer
  • System Architect
  • Application Architect

These certifications, combined with our teams’ skills, allow Carnac Group to deliver customised Salesforce solutions to our clients.

Learn more about what we can offer on our Salesforce Consulting page. Or, if you are interested to see how Heroku could be used in your business, get in touch with our team today!