Congratulations Mia Pacey, for being the latest ANZ golden hoodie recipient at Salesforce Live 2021! We recently caught up with Mia to discuss Mia’s short (so far…) and impactful experience in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Think you need years of Salesforce experience to be awarded one of the coveted Salesforce golden hoodies? You don’t!

Mia Pacey, Systems Administrator for Surf Life Saving NSW, is the latest ANZ recipient of the Salesforce golden hoodie at Salesforce Live in March. Not bad! Especially considering Mia was only first introduced to Salesforce just two short years ago!

So how did Mia do it?

In her brief time in the Salesforce ecosystem, Mia has:

  • achieved two Salesforce certifications
  • been instrumental in the rollout of Salesforce at Surf Life Saving NSW
  • become the go-to in her organisation for Sales Cloud, CPQ and marketing automation
  • implemented a weekly “campfire” session to help her users embrace Salesforce, and
  • been appointed Co-Lead for the Sydney Salesforce Women in Technology Group.

And, of course, she has now been recognised for her achievements and contributions with the golden hoodie, as well.

Did you know?

Since awarding the first golden hoodie to Cheryl Feldman back in 2014, Salesforce has bestowed only about 40 golden hoodies to worthy recipients worldwide?

So over a brief exchange with the trailblazer of the moment, what did we cover?

Anything and everything relating to Mia’s Salesforce journey and how she got her golden hoodie. We also covered what drives Mia’s desire to succeed, how she approaches user adoption at Surf Life Saving NSW and what it takes to be a great admin.

Oh, and if you’re wanting to buy that golden hoodie off Mia? Well, one could try!

If you want to know more, you’re just going to have to watch!

Huge thanks to both Mia Pacey for her time and to Surf Life Saving NSW for being such a wonderful customer of Carnac Group. We’re hugely proud of how far you have come with Salesforce in such a short space of time and are thrilled to be on this journey with you!