We’re counting down Team Carnac’s favourite features from the Salesforce Summer ’21 release.

Another Salesforce release is now rolling out to your Salesforce orgs, and we know that the full release notes can be a lot to take on board, so we’ve narrowed down our top features that are going live in Summer ’21!

1. Build multicolumn screens in the Salesforce Flow builder

Your flow screens can now be customised into multiple sections and columns to create a layout that best suits the way your team wants to work. The drag and drop functionality and responsive layout for mobile makes this feature accessible to anyone, anywhere.

To edit a screen in Flow Builder, drag the Section component (1) onto the screen canvas (2). In the Section component’s attributes, you can add columns and set their widths (3). If you don’t want the section to always appear, component visibility can be edited (4). Then drag screen components into the columns to customise the screen canvas (5).

2. Update fields directly in Salesforce Reports with Inline Editing

This feature will save your team a lot of time and clicks when keeping your data up to date! Although still in beta, enabling inline editing allows you to update certain text, numerical and checkbox fields directly within an existing Salesforce report, without navigating back to the original object record.

3. Create an accessible Dynamic Action bar in your app page

All your most important actions can now be accessed in a convenient bar, directly from your app page. The Dynamic Actions bar can be easily added and customised in the Lightning App Builder to suit your teams most used and necessary actions. This feature supports all of your standard and custom global actions.

To start using the Dynamic Actions Bar, create or edit a Lightning app page in the App Builder.

Drag the Dynamic Actions Bar component (1) to add it to a region on your page (2). The order of actions in the properties pane (3) determines their order in the Dynamic Actions Bar. Click Add Action (4) to add actions to the Dynamic Actions Bar. Click Add Filter (5) to set visibility filters for the Dynamic Actions Bar component.

4. Complete mass actions in split view

With the latest Salesforce release, you can now use Mass Actions to act on multiple records at once, without needing to open a separate list page. This update will allow your team to work more quickly and effectively in the Salesforce platform, saving time and clicks to complete simple actions.

If you’d like to know more about the new release and how it could help your team, check out the full release notes.

Our consultants are also available to take you through some of these new features and how they can transform your User Experience. Remember that what you can do with the Salesforce User Interface today is a lot more powerful that 18 months ago!

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