Does your business use Workflow Rules or Process Builder in Salesforce?

I’m sure for many of you the answer is “Yes, of course! They are some of the best features in Salesforce!”

Well, there’s something you need to know: Salesforce is transitioning away from Workflow Rules and Process Builder – and these features you rely on are set to become unavailable. In their place, Salesforce is introducing a more advanced solution called Salesforce Flows. And it’s time to start preparing for the change!

(By the way, if you answered “No”, you should probably learn a little about Salesforce Flows anyway!)

But, this article is for those of you who answered “Yes”…

Changes to Workflow Rules

Salesforce will commence the transition from Workflow Rules to Salesforce Flows in a staged approach, commencing in late 2022 and completing in late 2023. You will start to see these changes very soon. The changes include:

In late 2022, Salesforce will cease support for new Workflow Rules. This means:

  • You will be unable to create new Workflow Rules
  • You will be unable to edit existing Workflow Rules
  • Existing Workflow Rules will still function for approximately another year, but they cannot be changed.

In late 2023, Workflow Rules will cease to function entirely. This means:

  • All Workflow Rules must be converted to Salesforce Flows
  • There will be a function to convert your rules to Salesforce Flows. But you should plan for testing and adjusting rules to avoid business impact.

Process Builder processes replacement

Salesforce is also moving customers from Process Builder to Salesforce Flows, You will need to start preparing now for the changes ahead. Changes include:

In late 2022, you will need to begin moving all Process Builder automation into Salesforce Flows.

  • You can continue to use Process Builders and edit existing processes
  • Your existing Processes will still operate
  • However, there will be a function to convert your Processes to Salesforce Flows. Again, we recommend you allocate time and resources to adjust and test your Flows to avoid business impact.

In early 2023:

  • You will NOT be able to create new automations using Process Builder
  • You will NOT be able to edit your automations using Process Builder
  • All new automations will need to be created using Flows.

What should I do about it now?

It is time to start migrating all processes and workflows into Salesforce Flows to avoid potential business disruptions and allow you to continue improving your business processes and automations. We know this change will cause some short-term pain for some of our customers. But doing nothing now will create bigger, and potentially more disruptive, problems later. We encourage you to get started on this right away, either within your team or by tapping into our Salesforce experts at Carnac Group.

How can we help you?

At Carnac Group, we are experts in Flows. We are actively converting rules to Flows for our customers and helping them manage the change smoothly and without any adverse business impacts. If you would like to avoid any business disruption and proactively prepare for this change before it is too late, please reach out on

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