Seasoned property technology professional and co-leader of the Brisbane Salesforce User Group Rebecca Aichholzer has joined the Carnac + VISEO team

With over 17 years of experience in the property industry, including prominent roles at Stockland and QIC, Rebecca brings a wealth of expertise and a passion for leveraging technology to drive transformative change.

During her tenure at QIC, Rebecca championed two successful implementations of Salesforce within the Real Estate team, streamlining processes and enhancing operational efficiency. Her proficiency in driving the adoption of key technology platforms for core real estate processes has earned her recognition as a leader in the field.

Rebecca’s commitment to excellence and deep knowledge of Salesforce is evident through her remarkable achievements. She holds nine Salesforce certifications, a testament to her expertise and dedication. Notably, she has been recognised as a Salesforce MVP and received the prestigious Golden Hoodie award. Her influence extends beyond the workplace, as she has been a prominent speaker at numerous Salesforce events both in Australia and internationally. Her engagements include Down Under Dreaming, Salesforce World Tours, Kiwi Dreaming, and Hyderabad Trailblazin’, where she shares her insights and expertise with the broader Salesforce community.

What can clients expect from Rebecca?

With Rebecca joining Carnac + VISEO, clients can expect to benefit from her extensive industry knowledge and her ability to leverage technology to drive impactful change. As a co-leader of the Brisbane Salesforce User Group, Rebecca is deeply connected to the Salesforce community and is passionate about helping businesses achieve their long-term goals through innovative technological solutions.

What types of businesses would benefit from Rebecca’s expertise?

Rebecca’s experience across various industries positions her as a valuable asset for businesses and organisations seeking to leverage Salesforce technology for success. With a background spanning Not-for-Profit, Financial Services, Retail, and the Property industry, she brings a wealth of cross-industry expertise to the table. This allows her to understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by businesses in different domains, making her a trusted advisor for organisations looking to drive digital transformation and achieve their long-term goals.

Beyond these specific sectors, Rebecca’s ability to bring valuable insights and best practices from diverse industries makes her a valuable partner for businesses in any sector. Her expertise in technology adoption, process optimisation, and customer engagement allows organisations to harness the power of technology and drive innovation. With Rebecca’s guidance, businesses can overcome challenges, stay ahead of the competition, and achieve long-term success in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

What else is there to know about Rebecca?

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Rebecca is also a formidable strength athlete, representing Australia in powerlifting. Her dedication and hard work paid off as she secured gold medals in her weight class at the GPC World Championships in Slovakia in 2012 and Hungary in 2013, proudly showcasing her tenacity and commitment to success.

The arrival of Rebecca Aichholzer presents an excellent opportunity for businesses to leverage her expertise and drive meaningful change in their technology adoption. Carnac + VISEO invite you to explore how working with Rebecca can empower your business and shape your future success. Get in touch today and discover the transformative possibilities that await.

Rebecca Aichholzer, Customer Success Consultant