ACCURATE, IMPRESSIVE, EASY. Conga helps you create customised client documents and reports drawing on data already in your Salesforce® platform.

Conga Composer is an add-on application which pulls data from your Salesforce platform to help you quickly, easily and consistently prepare customised client documentation in your preferred format.

Pre-populate a range of documents by drawing on existing data in Salesforce.

  • Customised Presentations
  • Personalised Proposals
  • Quotes
  • Tailored Reports
Conga Partner

Remove pressure points from your document creation

Automate your data-gathering, document formatting and staying on top of where documents end up. Let your people focus on other things instead.

Choose your format

Create your own document templates in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Adobe Acrobat PDF and HTML.

More accurate data

Pulls data from your Salesforce platform. Minimises human error. Eliminates copy + paste.

Easy to share

Share with your audience via email or the cloud.

Easy follow through

Batch schedule. Log activities. Salesforce-triggered rules to create follow-up tasks.

Drive good sales behaviours and accelerate your sales cycle with reliable data management. Conga ActionGrid pulls client data from across the business to create one source of truth. Now wouldn’t that be nice?