Manage your phone system via your Salesforce® platform.

When so much of your customer interactions are done over the phone, it makes sense to manage customer calls via your Salesforce platform. Natterbox is a VOIP internet telephone service for businesses. It integrates with Salesforce technology to drive sales and support team effectiveness for a brilliant customer experience.

  • Integrates your phones with Salesforce
  • Route customer calls using Salesforce data
  • Record phone conversations in Salesforce
Natterbox Partner

Features and benefits

Customer Data & Integrity

Automatically capture new or existing customer call details in your Salesforce platform. Drives productivity, data accuracy and CRM adoption.

Insightful Intelligence & Analytics

Incorporate telephony into management reporting. Gives deeper insight, more accurate forecasting and customer best practices.

Improved Productivity for Your People

Make calls directly from your Salesforce platform. Streamline call management processes. Automatically retrieve and update customer records.

Customer Experience & Satisfaction

Draws information from your Salesforce platform to make intelligent, relationship-based call routing decisions. Quickly connect customers with the right person.

Hundreds of businesses globally have revolutionised their Salesforce experience through telephony integration with Natterbox.