We’re thrilled to finally announce our role in Schedullo, a new SaaS web application helping teams make smart decisions about how they tackle their work.

Schedullo was officially launched this week at CeBIT Australia after many months of development.  Its purpose is to help teams prioritise, organise and manage tasks to timeframes.

In Schedullo, users can manage work tasks by project, customer or sit independently to help teams categorise what they’re working on and when.  A timer allows users to track time spent on tasks, while a timesheet module makes it easier to invoice customers for that time.

Like many of these stories, it all started when…

…we were looking for a tool to help us manage our work commitments.  We found many work productivity tools out there. But none of them nailed it for us.  We found some great task management applications to help teams break down tasks to get stuff done.  But they were all missing one, if not two, critical elements for us: time and capacity.

We don’t know many businesses which don’t care about the time it takes to complete a project.  Or the manpower it will take to deliver it.  Universal truth: neither time nor resources are infinite.  So we needed a tool which would help us manage our tasks while being mindful of the time and capacity we would need to deliver them.

That’s when we decided we’d create something for ourselves with our business partners, Kate Blecich and Matthew Gardiner.  That was two years ago.  Since then, we’ve developed Schedullo with Carnac Group taking the lead on the product management and development.  It was released in beta in May 2016.  It has now been officially released in May 2017.

Why not give Schedullo a go? It’s free for one user and available at www.schedullo.com