Has someone in your network told you your business needs Salesforce technology? Interestingly, we see this quite a lot.

Many business owners we speak to are wondering: does my business need Salesforce? Usually they start exploring Salesforce options when someone they respect has told them to look into it.

Maybe you’re one of them.  So how do you know if your business really does need Salesforce?  It can be pretty hard to know.  So we’ve created this list of 5 telltale signs.  Or another way of putting it could be: what problems can Salesforce technology help resolve?

Many businesses will find one or two of these signs will resonate.  Others might be nodding furiously to them all.  Here’s a hint: you don’t have to experience all of them at once to be ready for Salesforce.  But if you are, you probably need it more urgently than you thought.

5 telltale signs your business is ready for Salesforce technology

1. You value the customer journey

You know customer experience is critical to creating loyalty and you genuinely want your customers at the heart of your business.  Your want to impress customers at every interaction.  You constantly ask yourself: what does this mean for our customer? And how does this enhance our relationship with them?

Happy customers shaking hands. If you want customers at the heart of your business, Salesforce could be worth a look.
Does my business need Salesforce technology? If you want customers at the heart of your business, the answer might be yes.

2. You need a better handle of your sales and new business opportunities

Businesses in this category are typically floundering with their sales functions. If you’re one of them, you may find you lack insight into:

  • What opportunities your salespeople are working on
  • Where your opportunities are sitting in the sales cycle and for how long
  • Which opportunities are likely to close and when

Having a better handle of your sales cycle would help you track important business opportunities and your sales team’s performance.  It could help you make better plans about where to invest your resources and when.

3. You struggle with collaboration across your business and teams are siloed.

If a customer takes a query to their sales rep, finance team or the customer service centre, will they get a consistent response?  When working across departments in your business, do fingers point at other teams?  Do processes involving multiple teams often collapse?  Your customers want to know you’re all working together to solve their problems.  They don’t want to feel the left and right hands are not talking…

4. Your processes are highly manual and vulnerable to human error.

It’s death by spreadsheet to manage processes or projects.  It’s manual interventions in processes which could be automated.  Or maybe projects are stalling because Ian is away and no one else knows where it’s up to. All these things – if automated – could allow your people to spend less time on admin and more time on value-added work.

5. You’re drowning in data.

Data which may or may not be relevant.  And may or may not be accurate.  Multiple systems are managed by multiple teams stored in multiple locations.  Whose data do we trust?  So much time is wasted trying to pull it all together and reconcile data from different sources.  Wouldn’t it be great to consolidate all these systems and have just one source of truth?

If any or all of these telltale signs are flashing red before you right now, the good news is: they can all be tackled with implementing Salesforce technology in your business.

You may like to read another article on the relative costs of Salesforce here, to further explore if it is the right fit for your business.

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