Carnac Group continues to expand its Salesforce expertise. Last week we started work with Western Earthmoving to deliver and capture better site information using Salesforce Field Service Lightning.

Salesforce Field Service Lightning is a fairly new product that Salesforce has been improving over the past 2 years. It allows businesses to schedule and deploy technicians to attend jobs on site.

There are many use cases out there with glass installers, IT service companies, Telco, etc. But this time, we are pushing the boundaries of Salesforce Field Service Lightning by adapting it to the construction industry.

The use case is quite interesting:

  • Construction contractors will have access to the Field Service app to monitor a construction sub job they have been allocated to.
  • A scheduler will coordinate the requests of project managers to involve contractors and allocate the request to the relevant resources.
  • Project Managers will be able to monitor the completion of the work performed by contractors.
  • Contractors will be able to coordinate the delivery of the materials on site.

We are very excited to help Western Earthmoving with this step in their digital transformation, and are proud of how far they have come in their Salesforce journey. Visit our Salesforce page for the building and construction sector to see how else we help businesses like Western Earthmoving.

Deploying field service in a construction business.
Western Earthmoving’s field service team