Salesforce Einstein is a the new Artificial Intelligence capability to add to your CRM platform. In this article we explore how AI can empower Account Managers to make better decisions.

Businesses supplying building products have a tough job: they need to build and maintain a good relationship with thousands of existing and potential customers, they need to cover a wide geographical footprint (usually at a scale of a country) and they need to fight tough competition driving margins down.

Historically, suppliers of building products have relied on their account managers to visit as many customers as possible and as often as possible. The results are debatable for several reasons:

  • It means customers see an account manager sometimes as often as fortnightly. It means that the account managers are dealing with day-to-day issues and have less time for more strategic selling.
  • Customers get frequent visits from many if not all suppliers of building products. This is time consuming and does not always add much value.
  • For the suppliers, it means that they must employ a large workforce of account managers without being able to easily measure the results.

What if Artificial Intelligence (AI) was able to make your account managers more effective? What if AI could suggest to the account managers which businesses they should visit to get the best impact?

This is what Salesforce Einstein Discovery does. It can analyse a huge amount of data and find insights by automatically examining all variable combinations. It basically eliminates the trial and error of hypothesis-driven analysis.

What does it mean in the context of a building product business?

Imagine if Einstein Discovery could tell account managers that to drive better margin, they need to focus more on a specific type of customer. Einstein Discovery might also suggest account managers spend more time in a specific region where face-to-face meetings increase the revenue more than in any other region. What if Einstein Discovery could analyse the product mix of a customer automatically and identify similar customers who buy a wider range of products?

Artificial Intelligence like Salesforce Einstein should not be feared. This is an amazing technology that can help your sales and marketing teams to make better decisions based on a large volume of data. You might be amazed by the insights that Salesforce Einstein can give you. You don’t know what you don’t know…

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