Salesforce Winter 19 is about to be released and some of the new features will make everyone’s life so much easier. Here is our selection of the little things we love in this new release.


Find the Data You Need with List View Search

When a business is growing, it typically has more data to manage. The company search function in Salesforce is really powerful (and works at lightning speed) but sometimes, users may want to find a record within a list view. This is now possible with the List View Search.


Change Your View with Display Density Settings

If you have made the switch from Classic to Lightning, you would have noticed that you can fit less information on the screen requiring to scroll up and down more frequently. in Winter 19, there is a new option to condense information on the screen and we love it. Here is what it looks like:



Share List views with other people

Imagine that you have created a list view that is filtering the right records for your team based on specific criteria. You can now share the list view with specific users and roles in the organisation.


Salesforce Surveys: finally, some much needed improvements

Did you know that you can automatically generate surveys using Salesforce? If you have tried this module in the past, you may have found it slightly underwhelming. But finally, Salesforce is releasing a set of new features:

  • New question types include CSAT, sliders and picklist.
  • Add multiple questions on one survey page
  • View real time information of view status and survey invitations
  • No login required anymore to answer a survey
  • Participants can now pause a survey and resume it later


Email bounce notifications and email tracking

Something that has been missing for a long time is the ability to see whether an email sent from Salesforce has bounced or not. It will also be possible now to see when the recipient has opened an email.


Recurring events

It will be possible to create recurring events in Salesforce (e.g daily, weekly, etc.). This was missing, Salesforce did it!


Text Messing and Facebook Messenger

It is now possible to send text messages and integrate Facebook Messenger to Service Cloud. Good one!


The not so good! Audit trail for field history will be lost after 18 months

A little bit sneaky for Salesforce to do that but basically any field history tracking data will be deleted after 18 months. Salesforce will offer a separate AddOn (at a price) to keep this information. A potential workaround will be to publish field changes into Chatter to retain the full trail.

Full list of features available here:


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