Carnac Group is proud to announce the launch of our Brisbane office

Here at Carnac Group we are celebrating the official launch of our Queensland presence with the opening of our Brisbane office this week 

Since becoming a Salesforce Consulting Partner in 2017, we’ve established our presence along Australia’s eastern seaboard from our home base in Sydney. After flying in to support our customers in Brisbane and the Gold Coast over the past couple of years, we’re thrilled to make this next commitment to Queensland.  

Mickael Dominguez, General Manager, Homecorp Constructions

Introducing Mickael Dominguez

Carnac Group’s Queensland practice will be led by Mickael Dominguez. Mickael joins us after seven years at prominent Queensland developer and home builder HomeCorp 

As Group General Manager at HomeCorp, Mickael’s experience includes leading the commercial investment and implementation of Salesforce to digitise marketing, sales and operations.  

We believe customers want consultants who can translate their commercial world into technical solutions. Mickael’s commercial background is highly relatable in this regard. 

“For many businesses, capital to invest is not the problem. It’s facing into the unknown that is the biggest challenge,” said Dominguez. “That’s certainly been my experience. Now that I’ve seen what’s possible with Salesforce, I’m passionate about helping others get there, too.” 

We are thrilled to welcome Mickael to the team and for him to represent Carnac Group in Queensland. 

You will find Mickael and our Brisbane office at Waterfront Place, 1 Eagle Street from 5 February 2020. With both our Brisbane office opening and our Sydney office move, there is a lot to be excited about here at Carnac Group