The team at Carnac Group are proud to have completed another clean-up as part of our commitment to the Pledge 1% initiative!

Pledge 1% is a worldwide initiative to inspire businesses to make a change in their local community by committing 1% of their time, product, profit, or equity. The flexible framework of the pledge allows businesses to give back in the way that best suits them, regardless of their size or industry. Here at Carnac Group, we believe business is about much more than just making profit.

After last year’s clean-up day, we were heartbroken to see the extent of the pollution in our local waterways but felt proud of our efforts and the difference we were able to make in just one day. So, we decided to take to the outdoors once again to clean up the beautiful city we call home!

We spent the day filling our garbage bags with rubbish and in an area of Sydney Harbour nearby to our Sydney office in Crows Nest. It was great to find fewer larger items this time, but there was still a devastating amount of small bits of rubbish floating around the waterways and adjacent bushland.

It was a great opportunity to spend time together as a team while making a difference to our local area – and we were lucky to have picked a beautiful Sydney day to spend outside! Our Managing Director, Vincent, left us with a quote in reflection of the day:

“It’s not what we say or what we think that defines us. It’s what we do.” – Jane Austen

Despite saying and thinking being critical to analyse, understand, innovate, and make meaningful decisions, neither is as powerful as doing. Having a great idea or telling others that you want to make a change is meaningless if you do nothing about it. What we do as a business defines our business, and here at Carnac Group we are proud to have done something to make a change in our community! We are looking forward to our next Pledge 1% event to continue to do good in our world.