The newest Salesforce release is finally here and there are a few features that the team at Carnac Group are really excited about!

Another exciting new Salesforce release has just gone live across all Salesforce platforms. With so many new features, it can be hard to know what to look out for and what will be most relevant to your business. So, we’ve put together a list of our highlights from the Winter ’21 release!

  1. Salesforce Anywhere

In our “new normal” of the COVID-19 workplace, collaboration and accessibility have become more important than ever. Salesforce Anywhere is an app new to Winter ’21 that brings together alerts, chats, comments, and videos in real-time, allowing users to collaborate on records and get updates on the information that matters most to them. It allows teams to work together, wherever they are – it is an invaluable tool for businesses with employees working from home for the foreseeable future.

This feature is currently in the beta stage, but you can sign up to have it added to your Org if you’re keen to start using it now!

  1. Dynamic forms

We touched on this feature in the Summer ’20 release article, but it is now out of beta and available to everyone! Dynamic forms allow you to create layouts that display the right data at the right time by modifying the visibility rules of fields according to criteria, such as the stage of the opportunity or the Salesforce user. Rather than having to create and maintain multiple page layouts to suit differing processes, you can now support them in one layout that is much easier to keep up to date.

Our team has been using this feature since it was released, and we can’t recommend it enough! Our Salesforce interface is now much more functional and accessible – it’s definitely made a big difference.

  1. Einstein opportunity and lead scoring

We’re excited to see that Einstein’s scoring function has now been made available to everyone! This feature generates a score for your leads and opportunities according to criteria and actions related to the account and outlines key positive and negative factors that contributed to the overall score. Scoring provides users with insight into where best to focus their time and effort, and which accounts hold the most potential for their business. Combining the data from the scoring system with the individual user’s gut feel about an account is extremely valuable for businesses in closing deals and building relationships with the right people.

What’s more, the scoring function has been updated to allow users control over what fields and records contribute to an opportunity’s score, as well as enabling lead scoring for Salesforce Orgs with any number of leads!

  1. Interactive email builder

In Winter ’21, you can now create email templates much more easily and quickly in the Email Template Builder, with a familiar Lightning App Builder style. With the new drag and drop functionality, creating professional and effective emails has never been easier! This feature provides a more user-friendly way for businesses to stay on top of branding and templates without having to engage external help.

  1. View changes to deals

Changed deals can now be identified at a glance with the simple new feature, allowing users to see if an opportunity amount or close date has been changed in the past 7 days. Text colours and arrows indicate the change in the opportunity, with more detail available when users hover over the arrow. This feature is very useful to help sales teams and managers prioritise their work and stay on top of important updates to their in-progress opportunities.

Our team are very excited to see these new features in action in our own Salesforce instance, and we can’t wait for you to start using them yourselves! If you’re interested to check out other features from the release or have any questions about how these may help in your own business, check out the official release notes or get in touch with our team!