The team at Carnac Group are proud to announce that our project with Polymaster has just gone live.

Polymaster is an Australian based manufacturer of a variety of industrial, rainwater and agricultural products. They are a leading Australian provider of product offerings such as rainwater tanks, animal care products and bulk storage solutions.

Polymaster were already using Salesforce to manage their opportunity pipeline but wanted help to improve efficiency around the quoting process for some of their more complex products. With endless combinations of accessories, fittings and other features, coming up with a definitive figure each time was a highly manual process and open for errors.

Polymaster became aware of Salesforce CPQ as a solution that could help them streamline this process. Quotes produced with CPQ are automated based on a pre-programmed set of rules, which results in faster, more accurate quoting. CPQ is well suited to businesses wanting to generate quotes quickly and accurately.

Polymaster came to Carnac Group with a clear vision of what they wanted from CPQ. Carnac Group worked hard to deliver an automated and intelligent quoting process to help Polymaster make the most out of their Salesforce platform.

With their new intelligent CPQ functionality, the sales team at Polymaster can now automatically view compatible product features, and the maximum quantities of each when completing a customer quote. This saves plenty of time and money and puts the onus on rule-based automation to produce a quote and frees up key Polymaster personnel to spend time where it matters most.

We’re thrilled to help Polymaster go live with CPQ and making their quoting process much easier. With clearly defined requirements, a hands-on customer and efficient communication between the two teams, Carnac was able to successfully fulfil Polymaster’s CPQ vision. We look forward to seeing the difference this change makes to their operations and continuing to support Polymaster to perfect their Salesforce instance!