For construction businesses, ISO accreditation is key to building their name and reputation in the industry. With Salesforce, the accreditation process is simpler than ever!

Construction companies are constantly striving to earn ISO accreditations to demonstrate to current and prospective customers how well their processes and safety systems work. It is integral to building their brand name and customer base. In many cases, it is also a mandatory requirement to be able to join a project. So, naturally, businesses want the process of achieving and maintaining these accreditations to be as simple and efficient as possible

However, the audit process to achieve these certifications can be notoriously long, laborious, and manual. Teams are often required to trawl through years of archived data, paper dockets and process reports to produce to the audit teams the records they require. Although achieving these certifications is important, the path to get there costs their teams time and effort that could be spent elsewhere.

But how can Salesforce offer a solution to this problem, and make the ISO accreditation process more efficient?

When you use Salesforce as a system of record, the necessary data is at your fingertips. Users can view and export examples of safety records, timesheets, signoffs, WHS and more to provide to the accreditation body. The intelligence and guidance of the Salesforce system increases the accessibility and accuracy of your data and allows your team to breeze through the audit stage of the ISO accreditation process. Auditors can easily see there are standardised processes in place, view the associated rules and all necessary records easily.

For businesses that depend on the value created by ISO certifications, the process should be as efficient and easy as possible. If you’re keen to get on top of your certifications and see how Salesforce could help you get there, we’re here to help! Get in touch with us today to find out more.