Carnac Group has been looking forward to yet another Salesforce release. Read on to see the top 6 Spring ’21 features our team can’t wait to get their hands on!

1. Creating Relationships to the Opportunity Product Object

After some time on IdeaExchange, Spring ’21 is finally bringing the ability to create relationships to the Opportunity Product object. This feature gives sales teams more flexibility to track necessary information on opportunity product records, using a lookup relationship between any custom or standard object, and the opportunity product. For example, being able to now track notes, documents or even images relating to each line product line in a sale opportunity rather than only at the opportunity level.

Salesforce New Relationship
2. Introducing Salesforce Meeting for Improved Video Conferencing

After the year that was 2020, many businesses are continuing to conduct meetings virtually for the foreseeable future. So, what perfect timing for Salesforce to introduce Salesforce Meetings, their video meeting management tool!

The Meeting Digest feature provides a single page overview of an upcoming meeting, including attendees, related record activity, relevant documents, tasks, activities, and meeting insights. This is your one-stop-shop to gather and share information before a meeting starts.

Schedule Dashboard

Meeting Studio allows users to streamline their presentation experience, facilitating smooth transitions while sharing content, as well as the ability to take notes and share next steps with their teams. Meeting Studio operates alongside your existing conferencing applications such as Zoom and Google Meet, to improve the video conferencing experience.

3. Manual Sharing of Records in Salesforce Lightning

Spring ’21 sees manual sharing finally available in Salesforce Lightning! Previously only available in Salesforce Classic, manual sharing allows users to share a record with another user. This function is very practical for Salesforce users who have complex data visibility needs and saves users from switching to Salesforce classic just to share a record with a colleague. Albeit a small change to the Salesforce system, manual sharing is an exciting addition to the Spring ’21 release.

4. Multi-field Selecting for Reporting

Streamline your report creation with the ability to select and drag multiple fields into your report with a single action. What’s more, after adding or removing fields or columns from a report, you can now preview the results without delay.

For your team, this means less time and effort creating reports, and more time analysing the results they need and devising next steps!

Salesforce Report

5. Updates to Flows

Salesforce Flow, previously known as Lightning Flow, has many new features to enhance the flows experience as part of the Spring ’21 release. You can now set time-based flow actions to schedule actions after a set number of hours or days, rather than running them immediately. This will allow users to leave their flows to somewhat self-manage, enhancing the automation ability of this function.

What’s more, prior values are now accessible in record-triggered flows, allowing you to have an event triggered when a value is changed. It also means you can check for changes and calculate differences between the new and original values. You can then set actions according to these changes, for example notifying a user when an opportunity’s value increases by 20% or more.

6. Einstein Opportunity Scoring for all Salesforce Instances

Previously requiring 200 closed opportunities, Einstein Opportunity Scoring can now be enabled with any sized data set. Until you have enough of your own data, Einstein will use a global scoring model built from anonymous data to score and prioritise your opportunities. This is a great outcome for smaller businesses and those new to the Salesforce platform! To determine if you are ready for the global model or a single-customer model, simply run the Einstein Readiness Assessor in Setup!

These features are now officially rolled out to all Salesforce platforms, so it’s time for you to get hands-on and check them out for yourself! Access the full release notes here to see what other exciting updates have come out of the Spring ’21 release.

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