Spring ’21 is an exciting release for pardot, and we are looking forward to seeing some new features in action!

Another Salesforce release has gone live this month, and there are a handful of Pardot updates that we have been looking forward to getting our hands on! From email marketing to campaign management, this release is certainly going to make a difference in the way we use Pardot.

1. ‘Deep cloning’ for campaigns and emails

Efficiency is key to any business. For marketing teams, part of this means easy replication of frequently repeated content and campaigns. With this new feature known as ‘deep cloning’, you can now clone an entire campaign, including your choice of related assets, to use for another event or communication.

Deep cloning
This feature is also available for list emails, allowing a deep clone of an email content record. This includes the email name, description, template, and HTML content, allowing users to keep the email’s integrity with the ability to make minor tweaks before sending.

Completion Actions
2. Specify links for completion actions in Pardot Email

Completions actions in Pardot emails have just got better! Now you can set a completion action to a specific link in an email! Previously, completion actions would apply generally to any link in the email, so it became difficult to know what was really worth following up on. This new and improved function holds the same capability as the general completion actions for email links. But it also allows you to prioritise those link clicks which are the most significant to your team and tailor the completion actions accordingly.

3. First-party visitor tracking

As concerns around online security continue to grow, many web browsers are no longer supporting third-party cookies, previously used by Pardot, to track users’ online habits.  Now out of beta, first-party tracking is available generally to all Pardot users. This means that no more of your prospect activity data will be lost to browser security systems.

4. Two-click unsubscribe

For some trigger-happy users, the unsubscribe link at the bottom of emails can be almost too accessible – and once it’s clicked, accidentally or not, the prospect is immediately opted-out of all email communications. With the new two-click unsubscribe, prospects will need to verify that they have intentionally unsubscribed. It also prevents automatic unsubscribing as email security systems scan for spam links, boosting your email marketing retention.

Unsubscribe Page
The final roll-out of these features has just gone live, so now’s the time to go and test these out for yourself! There are also some really exciting CRM updates that are now up and running, so go check out our article on the Salesforce Spring ’21 release to see our team’s highlights!