We are thrilled to introduce Arnaud Cherval, the practice director for our brand new office in Melbourne! We caught up with Arnaud to find out a little more about him and his journey with Salesforce.

Thanks for joining us, Arnaud!
To start us off, could you share how you first got involved in the Salesforce ecosystem?

I first got started with Salesforce while I was still studying in Melbourne, specialising in computer networking in 2008. The small IT services business I was working with offered to introduce me to the platform, and I was soon working in their Salesforce consulting and system admin team. I haven’t looked back since!

Arnaud Cherval, Melbourne Practice Manager
Arnaud Cherval, Melbourne Practice Director

Where has your career with Salesforce taken you since then?

I spent a couple more years consulting in smaller Salesforce partners to develop my skills and gain more experience, before moving into larger industry partners. I gained my first industry experience in financial services as a platform manager, solution engineer and leader in digital transformation. I found my way back to consulting in 2019 and am now excited to be joining Carnac Group as the Victorian practice director!

We’re pleased to have you onboard!
What has been your most challenging experience during your Salesforce journey?

My first time in a management role was definitely a challenge for me at the time. It was a much different pace from my previous technical roles and required me to step up to lead a team and the Salesforce vision of the business and engage with stakeholders to earn their support. I think I was able to adapt quickly in this role as I am quite people centred and I am passionate about educating others about Salesforce. I love seeing the satisfaction of clients transitioning from their outdated tools to a platform they are really excited to use.

After so many years of experience in the Salesforce Ohana, you must have a favourite Salesforce character!

I must admit that Cloudy the Goat is my favourite character. I discovered this week that Carnac has a Cloudy plush toy that goes to the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) employee of the quarter. I’ve not been here for long but I’m definitely eyeing off that title – I’d love to have a little friend for my desk down here in Melbourne!

What attracted you to Carnac Group?

One thing that made me confident about making the move to Carnac Group was their expertise in construction, manufacturing and property. Industry expertise isn’t something I have seen before in Salesforce practices I’ve worked with, and I see a great opportunity for innovation in these areas. I’m also looking forward to gaining some new skills and expertise in construction and property!

And what are you most looking forward to in your role as Melbourne Practice Director?

This role is an opportunity for me to help shape and guide the Carnac Group vision on the ground in Melbourne. I look forward to seeing the practice grow under my guidance and to helping expand Carnac Group’s reach to support existing and new customers in the Victorian market.

You moved to Australia from overseas – what drew you to Melbourne as the place to call home?

I initially moved to Melbourne to study, but what kept me here was the culture and the access to opportunities! My work with Salesforce started very early on in my career, and I recognised Melbourne as a hotspot for Salesforce work and development. So, I couldn’t pass up such a great place to learn and develop my Salesforce career. Oh, and how could I forget… Melbourne has the best coffee in the world!

If you’d like to speak with Arnaud to see what Carnac Group could do for your business, or just to have a chat, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Send Arnaud an email: acherval@carnacgroup.com

Give Arnaud a call: +61 452 212 790