Carnac Group is thrilled to announce that we have finalised an official partnership with Snowflake

As data becomes increasingly central to business activities in every sector, the volume of data that teams have to manage can sometimes become overwhelming. Even with a powerful solution like Salesforce, data storage and analysis can become difficult to stay on top of as your data and business continue to grow.

At Carnac Group, we are committed to finding the right mix of solutions to deliver our customers the best possible value. So, we have entered a partnership with data platform provider, Snowflake, to support our customers’ Salesforce solutions.

What is Snowflake?

Snowflake is a powerful cloud data tool that allows for better data management, transformation, modelling and sharing capabilities. The solution natively integrates with Salesforce to allow for more efficient data access, scaling and analysis to drive better business decision-making and more comprehensive performance insights.

Who is Snowflake for?

Snowflake is ideal for any business that relies on large volumes of data to deliver valuable insights into business performance and drive overall success.

How does Snowflake work?

Snowflake does the groundwork to unify and analyse your important data, which then can be interpreted and visualised within Salesforce to give your teams the information they need. Integrating Salesforce and Snowflake will ensure that the growing volume of your data won’t get in the way of your Salesforce platform doing the job you want it to do!

We’re looking forward to integrating this solution into our customers’ Salesforce orgs to ensure they get the most out of their valuable data and get a true 360-degree view of their business.

Carnac Group’s partnership with Snowflake is the most recent addition to our growing portfolio of partners, including StoreConnect and Financial Force. We’re thrilled to add Snowflake to our partner mix which allows us to continue to deliver the most valuable solutions possible for our customers.

Curious to know more?

If you’d like to find out more about Snowflake and what it could do for your business, contact us today to have a chat with one of our experts!