We are thrilled to have finalised an official partnership with eCommerce platform provider, StoreConnect!

StoreConnect is a powerful eCommerce solution that is built within the Salesforce platform and offers end-to-end integration with your Salesforce org. It allows customers to run a complete online store for a range of products, brands, and stores all within the one platform, and seamlessly integrate data between the two. Whether you sell B2B, B2C or D2C, the StoreConnect solution can scale to match your market and grow with your business to ensure nobody gets left behind.

We are looking forward to supporting our customers to take their first step with StoreConnect to allow for a seamlessly integrated and customisable eCommerce solution to take their business to the next step. This solution is ideal for customers wanting to explore the power of eCommerce without the hassle of managing operations and translating necessary data across multiple platforms. StoreConnect has given so many businesses back hours of their time in managing their online stores. As a result, they’ve now got more time to spend on their business drivers.

This partnership is the newest addition to the growing list of Carnac Group’s partnerships, including BidFin and Financial Force. We are excited to add this capability to our portfolio and help our customers make the most of their Salesforce platform.

Want to find out more about what StoreConnect can do for your business? Get in touch with one of our experts today!