Salesforce has rolled out its Winter ’22 release to all Salesforce orgs, and we’re excited to share our team’s highlights from the new features!

The Winter ’22 Salesforce release has a range of innovative new features, and we’re confident there’s something in there for everyone. The Carnac Group team have narrowed down our top picks and want to share them with you.

1. Dynamic Gauge Charts in dashboards to match your business goals

This one’s been a long time coming! Previously, gauge charts in dashboards could only be set against static numerical goals. Now, Dynamic Gauge charts allows you to visualize your business performance using metrics or values that respond dynamically to your specific goals.

For example, you can now measure the performance of a particular business unit or brand against the goals for your whole business. The below example shows the revenue of a Singapore subsidiary in relation to the target for the whole business.

Dynamic Gauge Charts allows your teams much more meaningful and personalised insights into important performance metrics.

2. Dynamic Interactions for more interactive lightning pages

With Dynamic Interactions, your lightning pages can modify based on user interactions to pull up the information your team needs in one place. An event occurring in one component of a lightning page can trigger an update for any other component in the page. For example, if a user selects a certain account in list view, the next component in the page can automatically display the contact details or opportunity information tied to that account.

This feature is also being piloted for the Dynamic Actions Bar, allowing the displayed components to transform to show the information required based on user interactions.

3. Salesforce Flow to up your Admin game

Flow Orchestrator is a game changer for Salesforce admins, allowing them to create complex and sophisticated flows across multiple steps and users without the need for code. Steps define which flow are to be executed and can be assigned sequentially or simultaneously. Stages allow you to group steps and execute each group sequentially.

The record-triggered flow start element previously had to be setup in a multi-step process, but now has been consolidated into one simple step! You can now also choose to optimise the flow for a particular action set, including Fast-Field Updates and Actions and Related Records.

The capability to call subflows has been extended to record-triggered flows! Now, pre-created complex logic flows can be used across multiple flows with the click of a button, without having to rebuild it every time.

4. Two Pardot updates to simplify your marketing efforts

The new drag-and-drop landing page builder is finally here! With this update, landing page creation no longer requires your marketers to be experienced with HTML coding. The drag-and-drop functionality allows you to create seamless branded pages with clicks, not code!

The drag-and-drop email builder can now be used in automations. Previously only supporting list email sends and template creation, the emails created in this builder can now be used in engagement studio journeys and autoresponder emails.

Visit the release notes for a full rundown of what new features have just been rolled out. If you’re interested to learn more about any of the updates from the Winter ’22 release, get in touch with one of our Salesforce experts today!