We’re delighted to welcome Carlos Bravo to the Carnac team! Carlos joins us as Enterprise Account Executive to supercharge our growth ambitions. We caught up with Carlos to find out a little more about him. 

Carlos, thanks for joining us! To start off, could you share how you first got involved in the Salesforce ecosystem? 

I first came across Salesforce when I worked in telecommunications at Primus Telecom. I was tasked with finding a suitable CRM system for our sales team. After a long search I settled on Salesforce. I loved it so much so that I ended up working at Salesforce in 2015. In the past few years I have been in the ecosystem in some way or another, but in 2019 I began working in “partner land” helping other businesses in their digitalisation journeys with Salesforce.

Where have you taken your career since then?

I have always been in sales. I love conversations where visions, goals and aspirations are discussed. There is no better feeling than mutually coming up with an idea that becomes a solution.

So what excites you about joining Carnac Group?

The Salesforce ecosystem has many partners. Once upon a time if you could implement one of the clouds you could be very successful. This is no longer the case. If you want your practise to grow, you need to have a strong point of difference.  Carnac Group has demonstrated to have just that in the market segments it works in.

With a strong background in Manufacturing and Construction, Carnac has built a number of accelerators that in essence speed up and lower the cost of Salesforce implementation. If you can give clients speed to market as well as increased ROI, why wouldn’t you? Carnac Group is also one of the first partners to implement Consumer Goods Cloud giving it a leading edge in that market segment. So, yes, this is what excites me and I’m looking forward to having conversations with prospective clients around these topics!

What advice would you share with a business considering going down the Salesforce path?

Really there are three levers to pull in business transformation. I refer to these as the holy trinity (no, I’m not religious). These are Systems, Processes and People. Salesforce takes care of the system component. A business needs to ensure the other two levers are taken care of before embarking on an implementation journey. If they don’t have these sorted then they will need a good partner that will assist in getting them ready.

Lastly, what would your ideal weekend look like?

My weekends normally commence with a cycle class on a Saturday morning at my wife’s fitness studio. After that, its free range. Family, friends, food, wine and music. My wife Sarah and I have two boys in their early twenties who love footy. We still watch them play every weekend through winter.

Carlos Bravo, Enterprise Account Executive