Carnac Group is excited to have signed a new partnership with DocuSign.

DocuSign is an application that allows businesses to manage signatures and agreements digitally. It integrates seamlessly with your Salesforce platform, offering a suite of functions within the DocuSign Agreement Cloud. Comprised of over 12 applications, the Agreement Cloud transforms the agreement process. Some key apps within the cloud include:

  • DocuSign eSignature allows businesses to send, sign and track agreements and contracts within Salesforce. With the ability to sign anywhere, any time and on any device, eSignature speeds up the signature process.
  • DocuSign Gen automates the generation of agreements, automatically drawing on Salesforce data to populate pre-approved templates within the Salesforce platform.
  • DocuSign CLM allows businesses to connect and automate the contract lifecycle, automating the agreements necessary at each stage.

Digitising the agreement process with DocuSign allows businesses to save time, reduce errors and increase productivity by eliminating the manual process of producing and signing documents. With the ability to choose applications within the Agreement Cloud, the functions offered by DocuSign can be tailored to suit your business’s needs.

As a DocuSign partner, Carnac Group is officially endorsed to distribute licenses and implement this solution into our clients’ Salesforce solutions. Further, our team can offer our clients support and customisation of the program as required.

To discover more about what Carnac Group and DocuSign can bring to your business, visit our Salesforce Consulting page or our DocuSign partner page.