After a crazy start to 2020, Salesforce’s anticipated Summer ’20 release has finally gone live over the weekend!

The full list of release notes can be a lot to take on board, so we did the hard work for you and picked out our favourite features.

Here are our top 5 highlights from the release which are now available to Salesforce users:

  1. Split list view

Split list view allows users to see list view data alongside the selected record on the same screen. This means you can easily review multiple items, such opportunities, leads, quotes without having to load new pages each time.

Split view can be accessed at Display as > Split view.

  1. Dynamic forms

Salesforce users can now configure record detail fields in the lightning app builder, and show/hide them according to field values. This means that you can modify the visibility rules of fields according to their relevancy to the stage of the opportunity for example or the Salesforce user and hide other fields until they are needed.

Dynamic forms on Salesforce - summer '20


  1. Improved in-app guidance builder

The improved in-app guidance builder is a one-screen solution to designing a guidance flow for apps. This gives administrators more control guiding the steps that their users need to take, helping them to perform a task or navigate their Salesforce instance. Improving adoption when releasing new features will become so much easier!

  1. Salesforce surveys

Salesforce Surveys now offers greater integration with the Salesforce platform. Salesforce records can be updated or created based on survey responses and merge fields automate the addition of Salesforce data into the survey. Survey participants now have a more contextual survey experience.

  1. Einstein recommended response

Einstein now has the capability to generate reply recommendations for customer inquiries. Data from closed chat transcripts helps to generate replies to common queries, and businesses can edit and customise recommended responses to be published to quick text and used in chats.

We are very excited to start using these features in our own Salesforce instance and can’t wait for you to try them out too! If you have any questions on the Summer ’20 release, check out the release notes or get in touch with us today.