When your product offerings are as complex as Polymaster’s, manual quoting may seem like the only way to go. But what happens when you have Salesforce CPQ on your side?

Polymaster prides itself on being one of Australia’s leading providers of chemical storage solutions and other products for agriculture, rainwater and industrial requirements. A family-owned, Australian business, Polymaster boasts sustainable, high quality products and trusted, reliable distribution channels.

After a successful Salesforce implementation to help them manage their opportunity pipeline, Polymaster felt that a piece of their vision was still missing.

Surely, in this day and age, sales – and quoting in particular – could be easier?

Polymaster was looking for a guided solution which would take the hard work out of quoting through automation and achieve a reliable outcome every time.

That’s when they discovered CPQ, a software by Salesforce which gives businesses accurate quoting with any given product configuration scenario.


Salesforce CPQ

Key requirements

Quoting automation


12 weeks from kick-off to go-live

The Brief

From a manufacturing perspective, Polymaster’s range of products and fittings is straight-forward. But complexity arises when it comes to knowing which products and fittings go together to create a customisable chemical storage solution for their customers.

When it comes to customising a chemical storage solution, for example, Polymaster has an unlimited variation of builds factoring in different sizes, styles and chemicals.

This complexity was proving to be a headache to their sales reps. The limitless possibilities of combinations made the quoting process highly involved. What’s more, knowing the compatibility of those combinations was essential to getting a reliable solution for customers. Quoting was highly reliant on the sales reps’ and engineers’ expertise. With knowledge and processes largely in the sales reps’ heads, quoting was more prone to error, and required a significant amount of training and knowledge to execute.

Polymaster needed a quoting tool that could keep up and integrate with their operations and scale with their growth.

Why Carnac?

“We had an extremely positive experience! Our consultant from Carnac Group was responsive, open and committed to learning herself… I couldn’t rate her highly enough.”

Phillip Collins, National Sales Manager, Polymaster.

The results

Since implementing Salesforce CPQ, all quotes for chemical storage solutions are now heavily automated, taking the grind out of their sales team’s day-to-day. Salesforce CPQ allows quoting to be completed within the Salesforce platform, seamlessly syncing the relevant information into the correct account fields. CPQ also automatically shows sales reps which customisations are compatible with one another and the maximum quantities for their product configuration.

Polymaster can now be much more confident in their quoting process, reducing room for human error and the time and effort spent on each quote.

Polymaster has seen their time creating a basic quote decrease from approximately 1.5 hours down to only 20 minutes, allowing them to focus their time on more productive tasks.

What’s more, now that quoting is more automated with Salesforce CPQ, new sales reps can spend less time training and more time nurturing and converting new business. It is now expected that new salespeople will no longer need 6-12 months of training to become proficient at quoting, but will reach this level after only one month!

The success of the project ultimately came down to the commitment of both the Carnac Group and Polymaster teams. Polymaster’s hands-on and passionate project manager, and the consistent and effective communication between the two teams drove the project, allowing Polymaster to realise their Salesforce CPQ vision.

“We’re thrilled with the result. We can already see it will deliver our business $500,000 to $1 million in cost savings each year for the next
2-3 years”

– Phillip Collins, National Sales Manager, Polymaster

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Polymaster is an Australian based manufacturer of a variety of industrial, rainwater, and agricultural products. Established in 1994, they are now a leading provider of product offerings such as rainwater tanks, process vessels, animal care products and bulk storage solutions across Australia.

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