Like many of our clients, Western Earthmoving (WEM) first engaged Carnac Group to implement Salesforce as a CRM to manage their opportunity pipeline. These days they use Salesforce for all sorts of business challenges.

How it all began

WEM is a family-owned civil engineering business with more than 200 employees across the Sydney basin. For 30-odd years, WEM CEO Graham Ragg had been the glue in WEM’s supplier and customer relationships. But the time had come to scale WEM’s success for the future.

When WEM first engaged Carnac Group, they were looking for a traditional CRM to help them nurture new business opportunities. Given Salesforce’s reputation as the world’s #1 CRM, they haven’t been disappointed. And that’s where it gets even more interesting…

Salesforce Products
  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Field Service
  • Salesforce Platform
  • IOT
  • Community

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Phase 1: Salesforce Implementation


Sales Cloud implementation

Key Requirements
  • Creation and management of the business development function
  • Management of the opportunity pipeline
  • Management of key stakeholders
  • Visibility over the project cycle
  • Integration with Tableau (WEM’s reporting system)

12 weeks implementation

The result

WEM’s entire sales processes and revenue forecasting is now managed across a team in Salesforce. They have a clearer picture of their pipeline of work and the various stages of the sales cycle. By integrating Salesforce with Tableau (WEM’s existing reporting system), WEM now tracks their project revenue against forecasts in real time and over the life of the project.

“Choosing Carnac Group as our Salesforce implementation partner was a no-brainer. They’d already proven their expertise in the construction industry and are a trusted advisor to our business.”

Michael Ragg, Director & General Manager, WEM

Phases 2, 3, 4… Operations Management with Salesforce

As anyone in construction knows, when you have an asset you sweat it. So, after the success of Phase 1, WEM’s challenge to Carnac Group became: how else can we use Salesforce to digitise our business?

Key requirements
  • Digitise site processes and contract management processes
  • Digitise safety, audits, quality and plant & equipment maintenance
  • Increase effectiveness in sub-contractor management

Approx. 9 months

Our approach

Carnac Group worked closely with WEM’s transformation manager and executive team to all parts of the business. Team by team, function by function we prioritised a “wish list” of opportunities to digitise processes.

We worked through the priorities sprint-by-sprint using our agile project methodology to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The MVPs were then rolled out and tested with the teams ultimately responsible for using them. This collaborative approach between technology and the business units resulted in high satisfaction and high user adoption.

The result

WEM is now using Salesforce in a range of creative and unexpected ways. Salesforce is not only valued for what it delivers in Head Office. It’s also widely used across operations, including on site. In less than a year, WEM is now using Salesforce for:

  • WHS including site inductions, reporting incidents, toolbox meetings
  • Managing asset and plant registers as well as plant maintenance triggered by real time data from the plants
  • On-site data collection
  • Tracking operator licenses and competencies
  • Managing concrete booking through Field Service
  • Tracking bank guarantees, notices of delays, extension of times, etc.
  • And, of course, all the opportunity and pipeline management you’d expect from Salesforce.
WEM Salesforce digitising eathmoving

Did you know we are Salesforce experts in building & construction?

Project Uniqueness

You’d be hard pressed to find a construction business like WEM that is this advanced in its digitisation journey. What makes WEM’s story so impressive is the commitment from executives down to embrace digitisation. We’re very proud to be a part of WEM’s journey.

What’s next for WEM?

The story is far from done. Next we’ll implement a customer portal to enhance collaboration on projects. We’ll also extend the usage of Field Service to other sub-contractor trades.

“Carnac Group challenges our thinking and pushes us further than we could ever go alone. They make us better at running our business and can only do that because of their construction industry knowledge. Who could refuse a value proposition like that?”

Ivan Bate, Transformation Manager, WEM

Watch our Salesforce Case Study video with Western Earthmoving to learn more about their Salesforce journey.

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WEM is a thriving family-owned civil engineering business specialised in clearing land for major urban development.  WEM’s business is built on strong commercial relationships in the construction sector and a reputation to get the job done. WEM has a long and proud history contributing to landmark projects across the Sydney basin.