When you start securing more projects, you need to be able to rely on your systems. So what’s your next move when your tools can no longer scale with you as you grow?

Ferrycarrig found themselves asking this question after their systems began to show cracks under the pressure of their success. Their hard work as a service provider to the utilities infrastructure and construction sectors had earned them a strong reputation and fuelled significant growth across their customer base.

Early in their journey, Ferrycarrig relied on basic tools including Excel and Microsoft Teams to manage tenders and bids, forecasting, allocation and more. But as their team expanded, so too did their industry relationships. Ferrycarrig needed a CRM to help them to manage their industry contacts and position for more work.

The brief

As Ferrycarrig’s project portfolio grew, they began to outgrow the Excel spreadsheet that documented all previous and current tender responses. The business’ entire sales history was overseen via this spreadsheet, and it became impossible to keep up. Additionally Microsoft Teams served as Ferrycarrig’s allocation system for their users. This meant Ferrycarrig’s business development team were unnecessarily switching between multiple platforms for their daily operations. What’s more, their manual reporting process for secured and prospective projects became a monthly chore and was prone to misreporting and errors.

Ferrycarrig required a solution to streamline and automate processes to help their sales and estimating team win more work. That’s when they came to Carnac Group to explore Salesforce. They had a reasonable idea of what they wanted from Salesforce and were seeking best practice guidance on how this could serve their role in the construction and utilities spheres.


Salesforce implementation with Sales Cloud

Key requirements
  • Opportunity and pipeline management
  • Tender bid management
  • Account management
  • Reporting and dashboards

8 weeks

“Having Salesforce means having the right foundations in place to help our business prepare for our next phase of growth”

– Alannah Beirne, Procurement and Contracts, Ferrycarrig

Our approach

Ferrycarrig had a clear view of what they wanted from Salesforce. But they were also keen to draw on our insights as Salesforce experts specialised in civil engineering and construction. Collectively, we pooled our ideas and agreed on their roadmap.

Working together like this meant we could implement an intuitive Salesforce solution that would really work for the team at Ferrycarrig. Our team’s experience allowed us to get the project up and running within a short time frame, with tried and tested best practice to ensure the best outcome for Ferrycarrig.

Why Carnac?

“The last thing we want is a system no one can use or doesn’t fit our requirements as a construction business. With Carnac Group, we were working with a partner that understood how to best tailor Salesforce to the way we tender for work in construction.”

– Alannah Beirne, Procurement and Contracts, Ferrycarrig

The result

Since implementation, Salesforce has revamped how Ferrycarrig manages industry connections and secures project engagements. They are now using the platform for:

  • Opportunity and pipeline management
  • Tender and bid management
  • Live reporting on secured and prospective projects
  • Simplified bidding allocation process, and
  • Forecasting on future revenue.

Ferrycarrig now maximise their team’s efficiency and capabilities through the automated processes and operations within Salesforce. They can now assign tasks within their business and also externally to clients. As a result, they are reducing miscommunication and project delays. What’s more, Salesforce allows Ferrycarrig to quickly produce reports with confidence that they are delivering the right metrics to clients and executives. Tailored to their needs as a construction business, their Salesforce solution allows them to maximise their time and effort delivering the best results for their customers.

Did you know we are Salesforce experts in building & construction?

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