To many people, Salesforce seems like just another CRM. But as Haldon Industries found out, once you see what it can really do you can’t say no!

Haldon Industries initially expressed interest in Salesforce purely as a CRM to manage their existing and prospective customer base. But once they were briefed on what Salesforce can do, they saw its potential as an end-to-end operational management system for managing their wastewater treatment requirements and operations. From there, it wasn’t a matter of if they would start using Salesforce, but when!

The brief

Working in wastewater treatment, particularly of construction and chemical sites, the Haldon team require the use of a range of equipment to pump and treat water, through both chemical and mechanical processes. What’s more, their onsite teams were operating across multiple programs for recording and reconciling financials, managing jobs, and organising necessary resources. This was becoming a pain for their onsite teams, wasting valuable time and money navigating between different platforms with different data to access the information they needed.

Haldon needed an operational management system that could consolidate and automate as much of these processes as possible, to let their team get back to the work that matters most.


Salesforce implementation including Salesforce Platform, Construction Base and TwixRiva

Key requirements
  • Job management
  • Reporting and dashboards
  • Financial management and integration with Xero using TwixRiva

4 months from kick-off to go-live

Haldon Industries Water Treatment site

Our approach

Having just been introduced to the capabilities of Salesforce, Haldon were keen to leverage Carnac Group’s expertise on best practice to deliver the most valuable solution. The team at Carnac worked hard to gain a deep understanding of Haldon’s operations and requirements to deliver a solution that really worked for them.

Haldon were an ideal candidate for implementation of Carnac Group’s Construction Base for job management, as well as TwixRiva to integrate Salesforce and Xero. The power of these tools alongside extensive capability of Salesforce now drives efficiency and delivers great outcomes for Haldon’s operations management processes.

Why Carnac?

“From early engagement Carnac worked with us intensively to develop a detailed scope and to ensure that they clearly understood the culture and operating rhythm of our business. Nothing was too difficult for the team, and they guided us to ensure that we got value for money at every stage of the process.”

– Sean Halpin, Commercial Director, Haldon Industries

The result

From the moment a job has been won, Salesforce kicks into gear. Salesforce offers a 360-degree view of the job, highlighting who is working on it, its phases and the chemicals or machinery required. Budget tracking gives the Haldon team insight into how the job is performing and forecast how the rest of it will go, allowing them to easily manage client expectations.

What’s more, Salesforce allows Haldon Industries to add variations to jobs, adjusting budgeting or resource requirements accordingly as the conditions change. As jobs are susceptible to changes, such as changing volumes of water, the Haldon team needs to be able to adapt and meet changing requirements… And Salesforce allows them to do just that!

TwixRiva facilitates easy integration between Haldon’s Xero records and Salesforce. Supplier and customer invoices logged in Xero are synced against the correct cost codes and accounts, and timesheets are assigned to their relevant jobs in Salesforce. TwixRiva gives Haldon Industries the confidence that their financial data is in the right place and improves the accuracy and reliability of their information.

Salesforce has increased Haldon Industries confidence in their operations and management processes. It saves them hours on job management, cashflow and more, offering the one-stop-shop platform that they were needing. Consolidating their data, and the reporting and dashboards functionalities of Salesforce allow them to forecast job performance and guide future approaches and pursuits.

Haldon industries water treatment plant

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