If you’ve been with Salesforce for as long as MAB Corporation, sometimes your Salesforce org can start to take on a life of its own. What do you do: tame it or start over?

After so many years in the Salesforce ecosystem, MAB had seen staff come and go and worked with several different partners. Somewhere in that journey, their Salesforce org stopped delivering the value they had expected it would. Years of varying recommendations and configurations had been built up on top of each other, leaving MAB’s Salesforce org needing a rethink.

When MAB’s Salesforce org was transitioned to lightning experience, several problems began to come out of the woodworks. Their automations and processes managed in Salesforce had become inefficient and outdated, no longer improving the processes and areas that had become most important to their operation as a business. As a result, their user experience had begun to lag and their team became increasingly frustrated, losing faith in their Salesforce platform.

The brief

When Carnac Group was engaged, MAB was assessing what their next move should be – start fresh with Salesforce, fix up their existing org or turn to another solution altogether. Their first requirement was for Carnac Group to complete a health check on their existing org, to help them make the right next step.

Carnac Group hoped to reignite MAB’s Salesforce vision and set them back on the right path. In order to do that, we needed to first revive their confidence in Salesforce’s capability. Then we needed to reconfigure their Salesforce org to meet their needs and improve their overall experience. They needed something that could keep up with their business’ evolution, diversity, and growth.


Salesforce platform remediation

Key requirements
  • Health check of existing Salesforce platform
  • Recommend and implement remediation steps
  • Sales Cloud implementation

Why Carnac?

“With Carnac Group, the relationship was well-established and comfortable from the very beginning. They listened to understand our needs before making assumptions on how we should proceed, and that was key to delivering a successful project.”

Ben Earl, Marketing Director, MAB Corporation

MAB Corporation: When Salesforce needs a fresh approach

Our approach

Kicking off the project with a health check of MAB’s overall Salesforce org, we were confident it could be remediated, without needing to start from scratch. Some existing aspects worked well, but were clouded by layer upon layer of conflicting automation and data resulting from years of different partners and admin. After multiple band-aid fixes over their years of using Salesforce, it was time for Carnac Group to help MAB fix up their org once and for all.

It was important to Carnac Group that we developed a strong relationship with the MAB team to gain a deep understanding of their requirements and the culture of their team to develop a solution best suited to their business. Following several discovery sessions of MAB’s current org and desired outcomes, Carnac Group proposed a set of strategic, long- and short-term recommendations to get MAB back on track. Once MAB’s Salesforce foundations had been restored, this set a reliable basis for further improvements now and well into the future.

Did you know we are Salesforce experts in property & real estate?

The result

These days, MAB is thrilled with what they can do with Salesforce. Originally just used by their finance team, the reach of their Salesforce platform has also expanded to support their opportunity pipeline and deal management processes. MAB now uses Sales Cloud to effectively track active land opportunities and the deals being placed on those plots of land.

Their existing and new capabilities have advanced significantly, providing much more powerful and valuable automation of their processes and increased data integrity. With Salesforce, MAB can now manage the entire process from a customer enquiry to closing the deal, including tracking associated incentives and upgrades, pricing and issuing contracts and managing payments. Marketing Cloud also helps MAB to nurture and convert leads, creating powerful customer journeys to increase engagement and tracking marketing milestones to ensure the team is always on the right track. With a new and improved Salesforce instance, MAB can now be confident in their org to deliver value now and well into the future.

What’s more, MAB’s reporting capabilities has improved significantly, with more reliable and organised data analysing their performance as a business. Interactive dashboards provide key decision makers with all the information they need on the performance across various teams, locations and product offerings when they need it, and provide valuable information to encourage internal buy-in for future projects. The MAB team’s hard work really comes to fruition with effective reporting capabilities, making their efforts measurable and allowing them to see and share their performance across the business.

MAB Corporation: When Salesforce needs a fresh approach

Ben Earl, Marketing Director at MAB Corporation, reflects on MAB Corporation’s Salesforce journey.

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