When operating under several brands, your business can risk becoming disjointed. And when you want to unify your brand and business activities, it can be difficult to know where to begin. 

Once a small start-up, Holloway Group now has over 100 years and three generations of experience in manufacturing and product development. As the group grew from one, to three, then five different brands, their teams and processes began to chart their own paths. 

But a consistent theme they were all facing to varying degrees was: how can we better manage sales?   

With an upcoming ‘re-launch’ of the Holloway Group and its five brands, it was an ideal time to work together on sales effectiveness.  

That’s when they were introduced to Salesforce. 

The brief

Holloway Group was struggling to define a common sales process across the entire business. Relying on spreadsheets, Outlook and a range of other tools to track deals, they had little visibility of the overall performance of their sales teams. What’s more, they were lacking in competitor intelligence and their own conversion rate.  

Holloway needed a single source of truth to formalise their processes and centralise their valuable data for their teams to access, no matter what brand. 


Salesforce Sales Cloud and Lightning Platform implementation

Key requirements
  • Integration with BCI data intelligence
  • Multi-currency, tiered pricing structure by region, volume, and customer  
  • Reporting and dashboards 
  • Market and Competitor analysis 

Our approach

First we helped Holloway identify what they needed from their Salesforce platform, collectively and across each of the brands.  

Next, we mapped out how their needs could be addressed by Salesforce. As a manufacturer of building components, Holloway relies on BCI for market intelligence on upcoming projects. Therefore, it made sense to implement Carnac Group’s BCI-Salesforce integrator for efficient, data-backed project pursuits and quoting.  

The power of Salesforce combined with the BCI integration offers extensive capabilities to leverage Holloway’s existing data and enhance their business activities. 

Why Carnac?

“The consultant from Carnac Group went beyond and over for the success of Holloway Group’s Salesforce implementation. Carnac has done an outstanding job.

– Zsolt Tomo, General Manager, Holloway Group

The result

These days, Holloway uses Salesforce to give them a 360-degree view of their sales activities across the market. With comprehensive account, contact and opportunity management, Holloway can easily monitor and track customer engagement, trading status and more. Crucially, they get this across the entire group and for each of the brands.  

Furthermore, Holloway can generate and track detailed quotes and bids within Salesforce, even for multiple parties at once. Tailored reporting and dashboards provide better visibility of performance indicators such as strike rates for projects. It also lets them conduct competitor analysis to assess their position in the market. 

With their BCI-Salesforce integration, Holloway can rest easy that BCI data flows directly to opportunities and other key objects in Salesforce. This saves valuable time continually monitoring BCI and manually updating data in Salesforce, ensuring sales and tender teams are always working to the latest project updates. 

Did you know we are Salesforce experts in manufacturing and distribution?

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