As a manufacturing business, quoting is at the base of everything you do. But when your quoting systems are struggling to keep up with your growing customer base, where do you turn? 


As one of Australia’s leading metal roofing and steel building product manufacturers, Steeline’s expertise is highly sought after by individuals and businesses across the country. While their existing Salesforce org was doing the job, as their customer base continued to grow, Steeline felt as though they could get more value from the solution across more areas of their business activities. With their multi-stage and -system quoting process still being managed manually, they recognised an opportunity to harness Salesforce’s powerful job management capabilities. 

They had a vision for their Salesforce upgrade… all they needed now was a partner who knew their industry inside-out to make it come alive. 

The brief 

As Steeline’s client base continued to grow, as well as the volume of quote requests they received, their manually driven quoting processes were struggling to keep up. Once a requested quote was brought to life through Steeline’s design system, ProCAD, the resulting material list and pricing was manually transferred into another system to produce and manage the customer quote. With a disjointed quoting process, Steeline sales reps had to double up on data entry, losing them valuable hours and increasing the risk of information falling through the gaps. It was critical that they stayed on top of their opportunities to ensure a quick turnaround on quotes and maximise the chance of winning new work. 

Steeline needed a solution to transform their quoting system for a more efficient and seamless process. 

That’s when they were introduced to Carnac Group. 


Salesforce platform optimisation with Sales Cloud

Key requirements
  • Job management 
  • Quote-to-order automation 
  • Integration with ProCAD  


3 months

Our approach 

The Steeline and Carnac Group teams worked closely to gain a comprehensive understanding of Steeline distinct needs and expectations for the project. But they were also keen to draw on Carnac Group’s expertise in the manufacturing sector to drive value and guide best practice in the solution design. We worked to develop a roadmap and solution that would best meet the needs of the Steeline team and really make a difference to the way they do business.  

With an existing Salesforce platform, Carnac Group were able to jump right in and start bringing the project to life. 

Customer Satisfaction Rating

5.0 out of 5.0 on Salesforce Appexchange

The result

With Salesforce, Steeline can rely on more efficient and automated job management processes to relieve their team of time-consuming manual activities. The new and improved quoting system integrates directly with Salesforce, then flowing seamlessly into Steeline’s production and delivery processes. The email-to-case function creates an opportunity against the customer in Salesforce from email chain conversations with sales reps. Once a quote request is designed through ProCAD, the information is automatically transferred into Salesforce to generate a quote to be sent to the customer. 

This seamless integration of Steeline’s quote to order process has eliminated the need for double data entry, saving the business time and money, as well as reducing the risk of manual errors. With all the information in one system, Steeline has a single source of truth across the business, allowing them to provide their customers with quick and accurate information and quotes when they need it most. 

Steeline products used on construction projects

Did you know we are Salesforce experts in manufacturing and distribution?

Steeline is a trusted team of Australian-owned metal roofing specialists manufacturing and supplying quality steel solutions since 1991. Manufactured locally from only genuine BlueScope® steel developed to withstand even the harshest Australian conditions, Steeline’s range is manufactured locally.