Polymaster: mastering quoting with Salesforce CPQ

With product offerings as complex as Polymaster's, Salesforce is the way to go to ensure you get quoting right.

Image of metal piping

Planet Plumbing: scaling with Salesforce

As your business grows, how can you ensure your tools can scale to your successes? Read our case study on Planet Plumbing making the move to Salesforce.

Citilink Piling: Taking the path back to Salesforce

Citilink Piling: Taking the path back to Salesforce

Implementing Salesforce is a huge step in a technology change, but choosing the right partner makes all the difference.

Direct Projects subcontractor management with Salesforce

Direct Projects: managing subcontractor networks with Salesforce

When your business model relies on managing subcontractors to complete client projects, you need intuitive systems which work.

Climatech opportunity and pipeline management with Salesforce

Climatech: opportunity pipeline and tender management with Salesforce

When you count some of Australia’s leading developers among your valued customers, you must be doing something right. But that doesn’t mean you can't improve.

Sphere Drones Salesforce implementation case study main image

A View from the Top: Sphere Drones Salesforce Implementation

What happens when tinkering in a backyard becomes a multi-million dollar business? Read our Sphere Drones Salesforce implementation case study to find out.

WEM Salesforce Journey: digitising earthmoving from implementation through to operations management

Like many of our clients, Western Earthmoving (WEM) first engaged Carnac Group to implement Salesforce to manage their opportunity pipeline. These days they use it for all sorts of business challenges.

Western Earthmoving heavy machinery

Future-proofing Western Earthmoving: technology strategy in construction

How do you bring an earthmoving business into the 21st century? This was our brief from Western Earthmoving (WEM) for their technology strategy.

Baumit Salesforce Case Study

Baumit Salesforce Implementation: the right tools at your fingertips

As an Australian technology consultancy, it’s rare for us to work with overseas clients. So when the opportunity arose to work with Baumit in France on their Salesforce implementation, naturally we said “oui”!